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Your Peril is our Delight!

How sick is that? It really doesn’t matter what business we’re talking about – if we’re talking trades, pretty much the only reason your going to call us is because you have a problem. Your toilet is plugged, your furnace … Continue reading

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Safety First!

I recently had a discussion about safety in the company where I work. The phrase “it’s becoming a really big issue” came up, as it does with most discussions on the topic. Is it really becoming a big issue? I … Continue reading

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Have a cup of Coffee

One of the biggest barriers to a great experience with a trades person is trust. We don’t trust them, they don’t trust us, and then we try to exchange service for pay. The whole thing goes off the tracks and … Continue reading

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The evolution of the crack

The greatest stereotype of all time? Well, I don’t know conclusively, but the plumber crack has to rank pretty high. How did it happen? What lead to it? Did you have a hand in it? (sorry for that visual). As … Continue reading

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