The evolution of the crack

The greatest stereotype of all time? Well, I don’t know conclusively, but the plumber crack has to rank pretty high. How did it happen? What lead to it? Did you have a hand in it? (sorry for that visual).

As near as I can tell, the evolution of the plumber’s crack went something like this (please excuse the gender bias — one doesn’t get the same effect with a plumber’s crack if the gender isn’t male):
Man learns trade
Man starts his own business
Man is good tradesman, not so good business owner
Man does good work for cheap
Man has lots of work, not so much time, even less money
Man has little time for anything but chasing ringing phone
Man’s gut grows, his pants sag, and he’s too busy to do anything about it
Man shows up to fix your sink and you reap the benefit of vicious cyle
Crude, yes, but accurate! And then we wonder why our kids don’t want to be tradespeople! Next time you hire a tradesman, ask yourself, who am I really helping when I choose the lowest price guy out there? Certainly not Mr. Butt-Crack or the family he’s trying to feed.
And to my beloved friend, who has seen himself in the description above, there is help for you! You can be a plumber and have a good life. I’ll be sharing more of that in future blogs.
Until next time,
Daniel Friesen
Your Trades and Construction Virtuoso
PS. I was going to include a picture, but couldn’t stomach the choices…
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