Have a cup of Coffee

One of the biggest barriers to a great experience with a trades person is trust. We don’t trust them, they don’t trust us, and then we try to exchange service for pay. The whole thing goes off the tracks and we wonder why! It’s pretty nuts.

What if you could implicitly trust your electrician, air conditioning mechanic or plumber? What if you knew they had your best interests in mind and would be fair, professional and personal to work with? Changes all the rules, doesn’t it?
Try this: next time you have a trades person at your home, after they’ve done their initial investigation, invite him/her to share a cup of coffee with you. Most companies don’t charge “by the hour” anymore, so their technicians are more willing to spend some time. I’m not talking about hanging out for an hour — just a five or ten minute break where you drink some coffee or tea and keep the talk away from business.
You’ll find out that your technician is a lot more than a technician. They’ll find out you’re a lot more than a job and you’ll end up with a person you can trust, recommend and look forward to seeing again.
Sound too good to be true? Try it. I dare you.
And to all the skeptical business owners reading this, don’t look at the cup of coffee as an efficiency eater. Did you read the part about “trust, recommend and look forward to seeing again”?
The world doesn’t end today. Treat those relationships like they’ll last and you’ll find that they do!
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