A Great Plumbing Company

I visited a plumbing company in Michigan last week. Michigan is among the hardest hit sub-economies within the US for obvious reasons. Yet, this plumbing company was not only surviving, they were growing stronger. Don’t get me wrong, they were experiencing all the same things as everyone else — call counts down, customers very price sensitive, etc. Let me see if I can sum up the difference.

First, culture. This was truly a team, and it started with the leadership. The leadership in this great company was as diverse as unified. A strange, rare and explosive combination. That culture permeated the rest of the company.
Second, vision. They knew where they were going and they were not ready to sit back and allow circumstances to get in their way. They see where they are going, and part of my reason for being there was to help them realize that vision. Who spends money on training when the economy is tanking? Visionaries do.
Third, optimism. Regardless of outside circumstances, the entire team was excited about the future. No doom and gloom here, just a healthy dose of “We can do it!”.
Finally, service. A theme, a vision, a mission, a motto — whatever you want to call it. There was an undercurrent throughout this organization that said “Service is what makes good companies great.” Service to each other, service to customers and service to community at large.
Take it from this amazing little giant of a company — the best days of trades business are straight ahead. Where will you be when those days arrive?
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