In the trades, competition is healthy. Customers need to get the best work done at the best price. That’s just the way business works. But if an industry fails to keep up with inflation for 30 years, the net result is that the very thing that used to protect consumers from overpriced or undertalented contractors, ends up backfiring. Instead of getting good contractors at competitive rates, contractors are forced to just drive prices down. And someone has to pay! So it starts with owners, then goes on to employees and the company. Ultimately, paying a dirt cheap price is digging a grave for the guy selling at that price.

I’m not saying trades should gouge customers, or that the competition that keeps prices fair is bad. I’m just saying that a “good price” from the 80s is simply not a “good price” in 2010. It’s killing your local contractor!
Contractors, figure out what a fair price is, deliver amazing service, and do the right thing. Customers all know that you get what you pay for. Let’s compete on a healthy level!
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