Good People Day 2010

Folks, Gary Vanerchuk started this in 2008 and I think it’s great.

I would like to rant for a moment about an amazing woman, Mrs Christina Friesen. Now listen. I could spend the next few minutes yakking about things that everyone would expect from a husband about his wife. She’s an incredible mom, my best friend, etc, etc. Because she’s all of those things. But I think we need to go beneath the surface to find her. To really find her.

It’s her ability to see the good in people, and GIVE to them in order to extract it. People that don’t even know they have any good in them find themselves encouraged, enriched, energized. You’re going along your little road of life and things happen that make you sad, depressed, lonely, and you think no one knows and no one cares. But then you meet Tina, or she finds you on facebook and you suddenly find yourself pouring your life out to her and she just listens and cares. She hardly has to say a thing and you’re willing to spill your entire life story.

Example: We’re going through the McDonald’s drive through the other day (judge me later, okay?). I’m in the driver’s seat, she’s on the other side of the car, farthest away from the drive through window. Get the picture? We get to the food window, and as the 16 year old boy is handing us our heart-attack-in-a-sac, Tina takes the bag from me and says thanks to the guy. They make eye contact for a nano-second, she asks how he’s doing. You know “how’s it going?”. The same question everyone else in the world asks and gets “good” in response. He begins to open up and share some very personal and deep things going on his world. I’m sitting in the driver’s seat, there are cars behind me, and I don’t even know what to do. She just smiles and wishes some encouragement on him. He smiles. We leave. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!

You see, Tina has a one-in-a-billion gift. She can see past your facade and draw out the real you. And that’s what people need. Someone who genuinely cares about them and wants to hear about how their day is really going. Tina gives, and people open up. I think too many of us try to take from people wanting to get all we can from every relationship we have. Tina does the opposite. She’s the refueler and people love her, respect her and would take a bullet for her because of it.

I’m blessed to be her husband and my kids are blessed to have her as their mother. She’s a good person. The best I’ve ever known.

I love you Sweetheart!


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2 Responses to Good People Day 2010

  1. Sharon says:

    I am so happy for you Dan that you have Tina. Bless you Both,and thanx for sharing!

  2. susank says:

    And Tina is lucky to have such an aware and appreciative husband as well!

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