Tribute to Nexstar’s Beloved Marla

Change is tough in any organization because of the level of impact it has on people. People are the driving force behind any great organization, and the Nexstar Network is no exception. Of the many changes this tremendous group of independent contractors has seen, the departure of our dear Marla Coffin is among the most difficult.

Marla has served tirelessly for 15 years, and her quiet persistence has impacted literally thousands. I’m a member of Nexstar and a trainer. I’ve learned that Marla is the kind of person that is always standing solidly in your corner, cheering you on. Her humility sets you at ease. Her strength gives you wings. You’ll succeed because of her, and she’ll smile and pat you on the back, cheering you on for your next challenge.

Thank you Marla for all you’ve contributed to the membership. We will miss you. Our prayers are with you as you and Phil set out on this next, exciting chapter of your life.

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