No Excuses

There are two kinds of people in the world, those give reasons, and those who give results. When I consider the new year and where I want to be going, I realize that I have been among the former group in 2010. I had a lot of reasons, some really great ones too, why things went the way they did. The trouble with focusing on reasons is that you become of victim of history. Reasons are, afterall, reflective in nature. So take your eye off the past for a moment and start to build the future with a results focus. When you do that, you’ll find that you can stop making excuses, and start getting to where you really want to go. Here are three quick and easy steps to a life without excuses:

1. You did it. Accept it, and move on. When you blame others you fall into the trap of waiting for them to do something before you can. Yes, there are outside influences. No, they don’t have to run your life (unless you permit them to). You did it. No excuses.

2. You must do it. In the same way as accepting responsibility for the past, you must accept responsibility for the future. Everything you will do in the future will be a direct result of your own action or inaction. Tough decisions must be made and you must make them. No excuses.

3. Red cars don’t fall out of the sky. Gee, thanks for that, Dan! Follow this: Ask yourself how many red cars you drove by on the way to work. Can’t answer, can you? However, if I task you with counting red cars on the way to work, you’ll be amazing at how many you see, and you’ll see ALL of them. Why? Did red cars fall out of the sky? No, you just chose to see them and your brain magically did what it’s programmed to do and found them. Success, like red cars, will not fall out of the sky. It’s out there, and if you look for it, your brain will magically do what it’s programmed to do and find it. Pay attention to your focus, padawan. You’ll find the object of your focus. Success, failure, or excuses.

No Excuses. Happy New Year. Go find some red cars.


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3 Responses to No Excuses

  1. Good stuff, Dan. I know I plan to put a strong focus on my
    KPI’s (key performance indicators) (or Red Cars in this situation)
    in 2011. I realized towards the end of the year in 2010 that I had
    missed some goals simply because my eye wasn’t on them or because
    nobody told me to look for the red car. I won’t make the same
    mistake twice . I enjoyed your post.

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