Getting Unstuck

Flying 30,000 feet somewhere over Mississippi and taking advantage of inflight internet. I’ve recently read Bryan Tracy’s book, No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline. In it, he talks about a special island he calls “Someday Isle”. Allow me to paraphrase his thoughts. Someday Isle is a place where procrastinators live. It’s where great ideas go, fester and die. It’s where dreams get parked and never get moving again. It sounds like this:

“Someday I’ll…get that dream job, start that blog, get married, have kids, volunteer, change my facebook profile picture, stop smoking, travel the world, change my underwear, etc, etc, etc.”

I would venture to say that Someday Isle is vastly populated. I bet you’ve been there, perhaps even live there now. The question is how in the world do I get off Someday Isle? How do I get my plans unstuck and begin moving down the path I’ve been wishing on for far too long? Here are a couple of ideas that might help.

  • Write it down. Something happens when you write your plans down. So start writing. Don’t let “write it down” get to Someday Isle too! Write you plans and goals, and give them realistic dates. Tracey says that 3% of the world has written goals. Is it any wonder that the island is so densely populated?
  • Plant a stake in the ground. Envision your goal completed. Get clear on what that picture looks like in your mind. Then imagine that picture is a stake you can drive into the ground to mark your destination. Put that stake out in front of you – it doesn’t matter how far out it is. Now start walking towards that stake. You may not make it there in a day, but you’ll be surprised how quick you’ll begin to see your goals come around. When you get off track, just find your stake, correct course and keep walking. It doesn’t have to be a straight line from where you are to where you are going. Walk left, walk left, slow down, speed up — it’s all good. Just don’t stop moving!
  • Plant reminders. The worst thing about dreams and goals is that they spend a lot of time in our subconscious but not much time front and center in our conscious thought. So, once you’ve written them and created a picture, plant some reminders where you’ll see them from time to time. A little sticky note with a couple of words can help. Attach it to a credit card you seldom use. Then, when you pull it out, whammy, the reminder smacks you up side the head. Plant reminders in your calendar so that they pop up on days you wouldn’t otherwise have thought about it. The key with this is to plant another reminder when you get the first one. Change it up, get creative and don’t let yourself forget! I’ve been doing this for years. I have reminders that have been popping up since about 1998 when I got my first US Robotics Palm 1000. Amazingly, many of those goals have been realized and they keep on growing! I’ve had to move the stake several times.

Hope that helps. See you someday. Now go change your underwear.


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