Sales and Marketing Part 1

This is the first of a multipart video series on Sales and Marketing. The old world of sales was filled with high pressure tactics and a ‘close at all costs’ strategy. It’s never been a system I subscribed to. The new world of sales is customer-centric and service focused. It’s about time!


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5 Responses to Sales and Marketing Part 1

  1. Terrance Reamsbottom says:

    I could not agree more that the world of sales has changed and that we must change with the world and the mind of the consumer. I think the first place we need to start with this “change”, is how we must first look at ourselves from the outside- in. I know that in the world of the small business/heating contractor that we have been made to believe in a myth. That myth is as a sales person must believe everything we are told by other sales people. Why? Because they are from the the place where we get our stuff to sell. And would it be true that they would embellish the truths in order to compensate their bottom line. As a sales person myself I have to ask the question “am I going to believe in everything this sales rep tells me. And as a member of the human race I always have to check in with my alter ego sales person and ask , would I buy that? And why? I have always sold my wares based on selling myself first. Sounds cliche right? But if your not able to do that then get out of the biz. Customers are now allot smarter with their dollars and less trusting than before so one must “handle with care”. Trust is very breakable. It is a huge, I mean ginormous responsibility to have another human put their trust in me to not steer them wrong on the product I will put in their home. It is my job to make sure that my customers are taken care of. So that means I have to have a filter out what sales people are selling me so that I can do whats good for my customer and the company I work for. And gain their trust by taking care of them and not just taking their money.

  2. Great job, Dan. Spot on!! I agree 100%

  3. Hey Dan, nice information here the landscape has changed in the last 3 years in consumer spending and their habits and I agree it has become necessary to adjust as small business and as sales people. The thing we all need to remember is that people are willing to spend money and it is our responsibility to assist them in their decision with their investment today. Looking forward to your follow blogs on this, thank you.

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