Sales and Marketing Part 2

After taking a wee break from my blogs, I am back! Thanks for returning to visit.

My last post was addressing sales and marketing. As you read through previous posts, you’ll see that it’s a topic I’m pretty passionate about. Let’s continue down that path.

The new world of sales and marketing is service focused. Customers have too many options to be put under pressure by anyone. Recently, after completing a transaction with a customer, I asked about the experience they had with other companies also competing for their business. I do this on every sale, by the way, whether I get the business or not. There’s a mini-lesson for you.

Their response was that although I wasn’t the cheapest company, they really appreciated the service and the attention to detail. To them it was worth spending a little more.

Take note, it’s the little things that matter. Here are three things to do before every customer interaction to help you keep focused:

1. Think through the first 2 minutes. Exactly what you’ll say when you introduce yourself. Picture yourself smiling. Picture them smiling. Set the tone in those first 2 minutes and you’re on your way.

2. Check your appearance. Ever noticed how you walk a little taller when you’re all dressed up? Put a suit on a man and he grows a couple of inches! Well, the same is true for sales. The better you look (and smell), the better you’ll feel.

3. Surprise them. I am getting in the habit of asking my customers what their preferred coffee is. And then I bring it to them! Nothing warms up the relationship building process quite as quickly as a warm cup of java. Plus, it serves my addiction well.

Focus on the little things. Do them better than anyone else. You’ll be surprised how well received this is by your customers.

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