About Me

I am a small business owner, a business training facilitator, and most importantly, a husband and father.

As I build my own business and assist others with the inner workings of theirs, I record my thoughts and findings from time to time. I don’t promise to wax eloquent in every post, but I do promise to be real.

Enjoy, follow, subscribe — you know the drill.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Tom Schaber says:

    Dan you left a comment after reading my post on managing salespeople for the small business owner. First of all thanks for taking the time to read and react to the message. You asked what type of accountability measures I would use. Here are some thoughts:

    1. Salespeople have to be responsible for creating new business through prospecting. Reps should be accountable for how much time they spend prospecting and who they are prospecting. Will these prospects make good customers.
    2. How many prospecting telephone calls should the reps make per day.
    3. How many sales calls do the reps make on current customers in order to grow existing business.
    4. Accountability is all about metrics-attaching quantities to sales behaviors. If a rep does specific sales activities X amount of time they will generate X amount of revenue.

    The value of all this is that if the salesperson has agreed to do the above (in a meeting with you) and then don’t do the sales behaviors you can kick them out without being sued. I give an example of this in my book. (Cheap way to get book sales, huh?)

    If you want to ask some questions feel free calling. 612-309-7101. I’m in central time.

    • Dan Friesen says:

      Tom, thanks for the quick reply. I didn’t know you wrote a book on the subject! Thanks for adding some clarity to the accountability measures. I have been doing and managing sales for a while, and this is a subject I’ve decided to never stop learning about. Thanks again for your feedback.

      Another question: How much flexibility would you give a salesperson when it comes to setting price? I’m in a service based business, so it’s not really a commodity (meaning that prices can be somewhat subjective). Your thoughts?


  2. Melvin Music says:

    Dan, first off I was just in St. Paul for the service system training and it was AWESOME! Thank you for who you are and what you do. I started a service plumbing company 5 years ago and have learned a lot but now realize how little I do know. A little overwhelmed is an understatement. Trying to figure it out seems monumental. Do you do any onsite consulting by chance? We have potential to the sky just want to realize it and implement a winning strategy! Thanks again. Melvin Music

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